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Anyone that THINKS that this blog is NOT FAIR USE, Refer to these Examples!

As the threats and innuendo's pour in, I ask that you kindly refer to the Examples BELOW! I will certainly file a counter-notice to any DMCA takedown and have one of the most powerful and brilliant men in the world behind me now.

There is NO Advertising, Nothing in this Blog 
affects the market for the original material 
(Most of which has been unavailable
 to the public for several years). 
The sources are as carefully identified 
with Links as possible to the Original Material.
 All screen caps are analog captures. 
This is OBVIOUSLY News 
reporting and Commentary.

My 400,000 loyal subscribers
 on YouTube will be delighted to support me
 if a problem should occur!

You may also want to consider how a Judge might be swayed by examples such as these;
( Particularly the Honorable Judge Patel whom I happen to admire!)
We have over a DOZEN Similar Examples! I'll be adding many others that are actually MUCH WORSE that these!

Pig Latin Encoder software suggested in Napster Article above, as promoted in Previous CNET Screen Capture.
 As found on the "Internet Wayback Machine"


Namester, another PROUD CNET offering as Promoted above in the CNET article recommending ways to Circumvent the Honorable Judge Patel's Order that Napster Filter out Copyright Infringing Music.

Of Courseeeeeee.....  These as well as 100's of other's appeared on most the Co-Branded Pages as Well!

We mustn't forget the CNET/ZDNET Maligned Senators! Here's a CNET Recommending that the Honorable Senator Orrin Hatch be sued for sponsoring a Bill to Protect Children.

Refer to this Link for troubling news regarding the P2P Software CNET Distributed
READ this CNET/ZDNET Story of Children Exposed to PORN on P2P Networks
ZDNET Story about the Government trying to create ways to deal with P2P Porn
ZDNET "Kids Stumbling onto Smut on P2P Networks"
ZDNET Congress threatens P2P Networks on Porn.

CNET EDITOR QUOTE in above story "Allow me to Induce Myself" 
which is STILL LIVE on CNET today:

"I have a neat solution to the whole debacle, using this chain of logic:
The INDUCE Act makes an infringer out of anyone who "aids, abets, induces, or procures" someone else's copyright violation.

• This act is anticonsumer and anti-technology and, as such, has made its share of enemies.

• When people feel that a law is unjust, too broad, and makes no sense, they're more likely to break it.

• Therefore, this law will encourage people to trade more songs and purchase fewer legally.
Since it encourages copyright infringement, the INDUCE Act will be illegal--under the INDUCE Act.

• Orrin Hatch should be the first person sued if the bill passes, for inducing people to infringe on copyright."

The Article ENDS that Way, 

Allow Me to Induce Myself

But can CNET claim NO MINORS ever used the Software? NO, they Published LETTERS from them!

NOW, Here is a REAL LETTER from a 15 year old girl submitted to CNET!

Unbelievable advice given to a 15 year old girl regarding problems that she had by downloading "Dreamweaver" from Limewire. Published as part of the "Spyware Horror Stories" series.

The girl ADMITS to having not only downloaded the copyrighted software "Dreamweaver" AND the anime movie "Teen Drama Queen" with Limewire but also admits that she also downloaded the JUST recently published "Harry Potter Book" from Bitcomet AND Bittorrent. Did the EDITOR'S even address the severity of copyright issue? HELL NO! They advised that she forget to scan the files and that they were happy she had gone legal by deciding to buy the "Real" software. They even thoughtfully made the words "BitComet" AND "Bittorent" live links so readers could jump to the software download pages for each notorious p2p offering on Cnet.

( Although these are vintage FAIR USE Screen Captures, The article is STILL AVAILABLE today on!!!!!)


That's okay, It's on the "Internet Wayback Machine" for EASY Viewing! ( the "Internet Wayback Machine" links are CLEARLY the exact same URL)

Teen Drama Queen on CNET's October 17, 2007

Same Article again on CNET's Oct 8 2008

Posting on 8/9/2007. Click on ANY image to Enlarge.

Read the Editor's Response. I can't believe they even published the Girl's letter as it was a pure admission that LimeWire, Bittorrent and BitComent were being used for VARIOUS copyright infringing purposes. It would have been a different story if the editor's responded. Your first mistake is that you MUST learn to Never use P2P File Sharing software to infringe copyrighted Software or Literary Works. That is stealing! Read this response. No mention of the 15 year old minor girl downloading that Anime Movie or that "Harry Potter" book. ( Harry Potter was NEVER available as a E-Book until AFTER this article was published on CNET).

This is a Screen Cap of the Actual Submission form from 10/12/2007 that was used to submit your "Spyware Horror Stories" to the Cnet Editors.
ZDNET Story about the Government trying to create ways to deal with P2P Porn
ZDNET "Kids Stumbling onto Smut on P2P Networks"

ZDNET Congress threatens P2P Networks on Porn.

CNET Directs even More unjust Malice towards the Honorable Senator Orrin Hatch! (Below)
From ZDNET division of CNET

Orrin Hatch is cast as a Tyrant in this Parody and is ordering executions of Music Industry Individuals.
I do not have a copy of the CNET/XDNET Video promoted in this article . . . . . . YET!

Original HERE on the "Internet Wayback Machion"

Click on ANY IMAGE to Enlarge Greatly!


  1. I am so glad over this information. I hope you don't mind I'll share and link this to my blog.
    I am glad jeepers video on the SOPA incident (Found @ got me here.

    Rise up for our freedom!

  2. Great video, I actually wrote about this subject over the weekend.

    I think is time for another blog on the subject

  3. I think the artists, singers and actors who are losing money because of Cnet should go ahead and sue them for millions of dollars. :)

  4. I'm starting to verify some of the stuff you're saying, but if you're for real, then ZOMBG this is some heavy stuff, definitely interesting either way

  5. I am checking out too, but this seems legit. I remember the logo well and all the pub into it. I never understood how they stayed alive ...

    Guess this is the answer.