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Ecircles ZDnet an INVESTOR!

The reference piece reproduced below is NOT from the "Internet Wayback Machine. I tried to find a prestigious source, contemporary to the time, to show that eCircles was widely regarded as a place of "Rampant Media Piracy". Not only could MP3's be fully uploaded and distributed though eCircles with ease, but entire Movies and Software could be "Shared" through eCircles unique "File Sharing System".

This is a very short quote from the article, "Heavenly Jukebox", originally published by "The Atlantic Monthly Online" in September 2001. The respected Charles C. Mann, goes on to compare "eCircles" with Napster, Gnutella, Scour Exchange, iMesh and Metallicster. ( Shown Later in this Posting).

ZDNET was an Equity Owner in the ZDNET eCircles File Sharing Service. Please Click the image below to enlarge for easy viewing!

The ZDNET eCircles Widgets were displayed ubiquitously on ZDNET's Sites for a span of approximately 14 months.

At first, the Widgets were innocent and based on the eCircles Stock Widget. before long, however, the Zdnet Widgets were quickly and slyly redesigned to focus on one sole aspect of the ZDNET eCircles "Social Networking Site", very specifically, the Sharing of Mp3 Music.

ZDNET eCircles, is now a defunct, the vintage 2000 Landing Page is Courtesy of the "Internet Wayback Machine". I really wonder if ZDNET may have had a hand in the design of this site.

Store and Share Music at eCircles It's Free, Easy and Fun! The most BIZARRE aspect of this eCircles Website is that there is a contest advertised on the Homepage called "Share and Win", no kidding. Each time you share, you are automatically entered into a drawing for fabulous prises or the Grand Prize of $10,000. I have the original contest rules here too.


Here are the Official Rules for the eCircles "Share and Win" Contest. Courtesy of the Internet Wayback Machine".

CLICK ON ANY Image to ENLARGE GREATLY! It's better than Squinting!

The next two vintage screen caps, courtesy of the "Internet Wayback Machine" are the instructions how "Files" may be "Shared" that are not music files.

The eCircles site quickly earned a reputation of distributing Pirated Software and Full Length Hollywood Movies"

Click on the Image below to enlarge. Click It! You don't to have you nose 3 inches from the screen.

Now, getting to the "Good Stuff" as they say . . . . These are the directions to share MP3's on eCircles. Click Images to Enlarge.

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