Thursday, May 19, 2011

Songs and Bands openly used as Test Subjects on Cnet and Zdnet

This Posting overlaps into all the others. Real Copyrighted Songs and Known Copyrighted Bands were used numerous times over the years. I will fill this out as time allows! That are some here not found in the other postings. We are over 100 different example now and growing daily!

CNET Review of iMesh P2P File Sharing Software features copyrighted songs by Jack Johnson from a Universal Music Album ( Screen Shot)

CNET ACTUAL iMesh Review with Copyrighted Songs in the Screen Cap September 13 2001
Like ALL the other File Sharing software, iMesh is compared to Napster. The reviewer actually recommends that the reader you AudioGalaxy instead.


MP3Fiend had a Remarkable 367,899 Downloads by 12/13/2000 on CNET
This Software was promoted with a ScreenShot clearly showing known copyrighted songs.

MP3 Fiend allows you to search 11 major MP3 search engines concurrently so that you don't have to submit your search to each one individually. Just specify one or more search terms and watch as the program gathers up links for you (see screen shot). MP3 Fiend allows you to save your search results and supports automatic downloading via GetRight and GoZilla. Version 6.2 includes full support for AOL across all platforms and optimized networking code.

The Provided Screen Shot Clearly Shows Copyrighted Songs by the Bands Radiohead and Garbage

Links to Trouble Shooting Guide on

Bjork is clearly shown in a Screen Shot for Gnotella on the CNET PC Audio Page. This Page features a virtual cornucopia of the Most Notorious File Sharing Software suspiciously placed in the Category "MP3 Finders"

Clink on IMAGE to Make MUCH LARGER!

CNET Downloads PC Audio Landing Page Aug 1 2001Audiogalaxy Instructional Video

Gnotella Review Featured on the Front Page Link to THIS CNET MUSIC CENTER

Link to CNET Music Center ( Circled Above) CNET Music Center File Sharing Smackdown FEATURED! August 1 2001

"Napster" inline word link goes directly to Napster CNET Page Aug 6 2001

Gnotella Link under Feature Goes to the CNET Gnotella Download Page

Gnotella "Hand Crafted" "Tutorial Link" goes here to a CNET Gnotella Tutorial

The Link "More MP3 Search Tools" Brings you HERE to the CNET Downloads top "MP3 Finders",10151,0-1896420-106-0-1-0,00.html

SongSpy Inline Link goes here to the Song Spy CNET download page

Link from word "POPULAR" at the top of page links to The "CNET's Most Popular Titles in PC Audio" Morpheus, KaZaa, Audiogalaxy, LimeWire, Gnotella, BearShare Etc.

Link from Word "PICK" Means the CNET Editor's top Picks! Today's Top Cnet Editors Pick is BearShare,10151,0-1857922-105-0-1-4,00.html?

The Live Link to the word "New Releases" are CNET's Newest Music Software Releases,10151,0-1857922-104-0-1-4,00.html?

MP3 Search Tools goes to the "File Sharing" Software. Notable three new versions of Bearshare.,10151,0-1896420-106-0-1-0,00.html

CLICK ON THE IMAGE! For EASY Full Screen Viewing! Click the Picture! C'mon!

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE TO VIEW FULL SCREEN! Click it to View it MUCH BETTER! You won't Need your Glasses!

From Link on Above Page

CNET Find Music "How Tos" Get Started with Napster for Mac ( Macster)

Get Started With Napster for the Mac

Now you don't have to use Windows to have an official version of Napster. Folks who have been relying on Macster will find Napster's new Mac version strikingly familiar, since Napster just bought the company that made Macster and put its own logo on it. But if you're a Mac person who's just getting into file sharing, our how-to will have you up and running in no time. And if you're not sure yet whether Napster is right for you, be sure to check out our review Smackdown Tests

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