Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fostering E-Book Piracy with DRM Removal Software and P2P Software

DRM Removal Software

CBS Interactive offered over 20 Different DRM Removal Software Choices and Promoted them as such. This posting will be filled in Greatly soon! Please be patient or contact me directly.

Unbelievable advice given to a girl regarding problems that she had by downloading "Dreamweaver" from Limewire. Published as part of the "Spyware Horror Stories" series.

The girl ADMITS to having not only downloaded the copyrighted software "Dreamweaver" AND the anime movie "Teen Drama Queen" with Limewire but also admits that she also downloaded the JUST recently published "Harry Potter Book" from Bitcomet AND Bittorrent. Did the EDITOR'S even address the severity of copyright issue? HELL NO! They advised that she forget to scan the files and that they were happy she had gone legal by deciding to buy the "Real" software. They even thoughtfully made the words "BitComet" AND "Bittorent" live links so readers could jump to the download pages for each on Cnet.

( Although these are vintage FAIR USE Screen Captures, The article is STILL AVAILABLE today on!!!!! Here's the link!

Posting on 8/9/2007. Click on ANY image to Enlarge.

Read the Editor's Response. I can't believe they even published the Girl's letter as it was a pure admission that LimeWire, Bittorrent and BitComent were being used for VARIOUS copyright infringing purposes. It would have been a different story if the editor's responded. Your first mistake is that you MUST learn to Never use P2P File Sharing software to infringe copyrighted Software or Literary Works. That is stealing! Read this response. No mention of that Anime Movie or that "Harry Potter" book being downloaded.

This is a Screen Cap of the Actual Submission form from 10/12/2007 that was used to submit your "Spyware Horror Stories" to the Cnet Editors.

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