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CNET "FIND MUSIC" "How To Guide" "Get Started with Kazaa Media Desktop" Sept 13 2001

CNET was the Primary Distributer of the Kazaa Media Desktop Software! Over 325 Million downloads from CNET's own in house servers! CNET conducted tests with Kazaa against famous known copyrighted bands which is still published on CNET's CBS Interactive site today. Click the Link Below! LMAO

CLICK the Image Below for a Super Sized View, as I'll bet the Original Page on the CURRENT CNET Web Site will "Disappear" soon, LOL! Oh, C'mon CNET, be a Sport and Leave it up!

Here's ANOTHER one of those "Tests" LOL, Still LIVE Today! ( There are MORE of them too!)

Click on Any Image for Full Screen Easy Viewing! It's totally worth viewing LARGE!

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Link to the above images below on the "Internet Wayback Machine" view the originals yourself!
THE LINKS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE Kazaa Media Desktop CNET How To Guide, "NEXT STEPS" are Below! LOL

LINK AT "Find other alternative Napster servers." ( Goes to CNET FileShare "How To Guide")

LINK AT "Get a portable player and take your music with you."

LINK AT "Get the best CD burning software."

LINK AT "Burn those MP3s with a new CD-R/RW drive."

LINK OF Complete "Internet Wayback Machine" CNET Kazaa Media Desktop "How to Guide" HERE!

"Get started with KaZaa Media Desktop"

One of the most popular new Napster alternatives is KaZaa Media Desktop. KaZaa lets you download all kinds of files--audio, video, documents, software, and more--and includes a player for audio and video. The program automatically downloads files from the KaZaa network, using SuperNodes--fast computers on the network with broadband connections--to alleviate some of the scalability issues that limit the Gnutella network. Will KaZaa be the next Napster? Read our tutorial, try it out, and see for yourself.

CNET "FIND Music" "How To Guide" "Use BEARSHARE to Access Gnutella"

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Link to above original vintage images below on the "Internet Wayback Machine!"

NEXT two images are from the "MP3 Insider File Sharing Smackdown Part Deux" Featuring BearShare AND Limewire tested against REAL KNOWN Copyrighted Bands and Artists as well as the movie "Star Wars"

Still Live on CNET TODAY, May 22, 2011, at this link! ( Click the link below to view it, if they haven't taken the page down, LOL)

I though I would Throw this Page in as it's STILL LIVE ON ZDNET TODAY, (May 22, 2011) LOL

CLICK on the Image below for Easy Viewing! ( I have HUNDREDS of these! LOL!!!!)

"Use BearShare to access Gnutella"

How will you get your music when the Napster well dries up?
Many MP3 lovers are turning to BearShare, a front-end client for Gnutella that makes it easy for beginning users to get on the network and start sharing files. BearShare is available only for Windows, but it has loads of features that are quickly making it the most popular alternative to Napster. Get started with this simple program with our instructions below.

CNET "FIND Music" "How to Guide" "Get Started with AudioGalaxy Satellite"

Click any Image to View in Amazing Full Screen Goodness! It's Tasty!

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In the Image Above, There is an inline Link in this sentence, "Among the many alternatives is Audiogalaxy Satellite, which regularly tops's top digital audio downloads list."

Click the Picture to see it in Sensational Full Screen Splendor!

Click The Picture Below! It Gets LOTS BIGGER! You can see it!

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REMEMBER: Clicking the Pictures to View Full Screen is CARING!

Link to the Original Audiogalaxy Guide Pages Below! Courtesy of the AMAZING Internet Wayback Machine!

"Get started with Audiogalaxy Satellite"

Market forces may get to Napster long before lawsuits ever hit it. Soon, the company will be charging for its service, and it's going to be hard for fans who are used to free music to give away a credit card number for what could be a more limited service. Among the many alternatives is Audiogalaxy Satellite, which regularly tops's top digital audio downloads list. The program uses a Web-based interface to search for and acquire music, automatically choosing to download songs from users closer to you in order to reduce system load and download times. Nevertheless, system overloads were an issue; Audiogalaxy frequently stopped working--sometimes we couldn't even load the company's home page. When it was working, however, we found Audiogalaxy Satellite to be a reliable way to get music.

CNET "FIND Music" "How-Tos" "Search Gnutella With LimeWire"

LIMEWIRE Alert! You Must Click on this Picture! It gets HUGE! There's LOTS to see Here!

Don't Forget to Click this one to make it screen sized Too! It'll get Jealous!

Link below to the Above pages on the "Internet Wayback Machine".

Search Gnutella with LimeWire

Unless Napster is shut down, other music file-sharing programs aren't likely to make much headway. Napster is simply too reliable and exhaustive for another program to make real improvements. But because of the company's central control, Napster is vulnerable to lawsuits--it has already come within a hair's breadth of closing its doors. But if Napster does ever go down, people will be flocking to file-sharing alternatives, and Gnutella is at the top of everyone's list. Until now, the main problem with the program has been its interface: It was simply too difficult for most people to use. But now LimeWire has created a version of Gnutella that's easy enough for anyone to run. And there's more: The folks at LimeWire also plan to improve the service by giving priority to downloaders who also upload files. But Gnutella is still not as reliable as Napster; you simply aren't as likely to find a song or download it successfully. But as more people flock to the service, it should become more useful. Learn the basics of LimeWire with the tips below.

Cnet "FIND Music" "How-Tos" "Alternative Napster Servers"

Click Link Below to View Original Page on the "Internet Wayback Machine"

"Use FileShare to access alternative Napster servers"

The judge's orders are in, and Napster is poised to become useless as all of the most popular songs are banned from the service. But the protocol that makes Napster work won't disappear, as people rush to alternative Napster servers. One easy way to connect to alternative Napster servers is with FileShare, a service run by the MusicCity network. We just hope that the company has good lawyers.

CNET "FIND Music" "How Tos" "Get Started with Napigator"

Link to the ORIGINAL PAGE on the "Internet Wayback Machine"

ORIGINAL Link to the Napster Software

"Get Started With Napigator"

While Napster might seem like one big network, it's actually a collection of many individual servers. That's why you can log on to the network and still not see your friends show up in your HotList, even though you know that they're signed on. Napigator makes it possible for you to tell your Napster client which server to connect to, so that you can get all of your buddies on the same server to share files. In addition, Napigator can be used to connect to independently run, open-source Napster servers such as OpenNap.

GEE! Napigator is STILL on CNET Today, With some Unexplained "Changes" LOL!

Click the Image for a HUGE FULL SCREEN VIEW! You will LOL, I know I DID!

CNET "Find Music" "How-Tos" "Share Files Offshore with Swaptor"

Click the Images to see them without your Microscope!

Click on ANY Image to View in Full Screen Sized Glory!

Below is the Link to the Original CNET "Swaptor" How to Guide" on CNET!

The "Swaptor" Live Link, BELOW" took you RIGHT HERE on CNET Downloads to get the Software!

OR Below as it was CONTINUOUSLY offered on CNET until Today! Of Course they Recently added a "Disclaimer" and hustled the software off "Their Servers"

Let's COMPARE the Two Side by Side, SHALL WE?

Click on the Image for a Super Duper Big sized View!

"Share files offshore with Swaptor"

Some file-sharing applications use a decentralized network to avoid the legal troubles that plague Napster. The idea is that with no central server controlling the network, there's nothing to shut down and no one to sue, except for the millions of users. But these programs have had problems with scalability and ease of use, making them unappealing to the masses. Swaptor uses a more brute-force legal approach by locating its servers offshore, where it hopes that the long arm of the RIAA and the U.S. judicial system can't reach. Swaptor uses the Napster protocol, but it lets you search for all file types--not just MP3s and WMAs.

"Get Started With Hotline"

Hotline servers are the closest thing that the Internet has to secret societies. You can find almost anything you want via Hotline, from music to software to video to images, but finding and downloading files can be an adventure, to say the least. The most desirable stuff tends to be on the most exclusive servers, and getting access to those machines can require trepidation and patience. If you're eager to explore this dark underbelly of the Net, check out the simple steps below to get started.

Hotline for PC" Original "How To Guide Link"
"Hotline for MAC" Original "How to Guide" Link

Here is an Original CNET "Download Dispatch from 1999 Announcing "Hotline Connect Client for Mac"

At the Bottom of the "CNET Get Started With "Hotline" Page

Next Steps
"From Gnutella to Scour Exchange, we've got all sorts of file-sharing tips for you in the Find Music section of CNET Music Center."

Click the "Find Music" Link to go HERE! To CNET's Official "Find Music" resource Guide Page! LOL!

NOW! Look for the "Search for MP3's" Field and click the "Top 100 MP3 Searches LINK"

You will see "TOP 100 Searches Week Ending July 29, 2001", NOW, Click on Madonna!

STILL rolls over to the Original Cached Madonna Search Results, LOL!!!

"" rolls to this for the first :Madonna Like a Prayer" ( Tries to Start Instant Download, but no longer Functions)

"EMP3 Finder" Rolls over Here for Madonna "Like a Prayer"

NOTE Click Link at BOTTOM of that "Top 100 Searches Week Ending July 29 2001" Page. The linked words are in the sentence;

Though we've included the most reliable MP3 sites in this search, finding a specific MP3 on the Web can be challenging. If you're having trouble with broken links or inaccurate results, try using MP3 search software to find the MP3s you seek" , and you Go HERE!

CNET "Find Music" "Net Guide" "MP3 Search Tools"
MP3 Search Tools
By Music Center Staff
(Updated 12/8/00)

"Sharing Based Tools

CNET Music Center "Find Music"

Net Guide "Sharing -Based Search Tools

Spinfrenzy Xchange
MP3 Voyeur

Jun 19 2000

Oct 22 2000

These Guides Periodically CHANGE Yet the Bizarre Description remains the Same through the Changes!

CNET Music Center "Find Music"

Net Guide "Sharing -Based Search Tools

File Sharing Offerings Change List Revised early 2001
Audiogalaxy Satelitte

April 13 2001

June 15 2001

"Newsgroup Based Tools"

"Tools for Linux, Unix"

"FTP and Web Searching"

"Tools for Macintosh"

"Get Started With CuteMX"

These days, it's hard to keep track of which file-sharing services are operational. For a while, Napster looked like it was going down, but the deal with Bertlesmann kept it alive. Scour Network went bankrupt, shut down, and was bought by CenterSpan Communications. Just when Napster and Scour's legal troubles were starting, CuteMX--made by the company that produces CuteFTP--shut down its service to avoid similar woes. But then it inexplicably started up again just a few weeks ago with a new version. But we're not inclined to question such beneficence--we just accept it with a smile. Learn the basics of CuteMX below.

"Get Started With Napster for the Mac"

Now you don't have to use Windows to have an official version of Napster. Folks who have been relying on Macster will find Napster's new Mac version strikingly familiar, since Napster just bought the company that made Macster and put its own logo on it. But if you're a Mac person who's just getting into file sharing, our how-to will have you up and running in no time. And if you're not sure yet whether Napster is right for you, be sure to check out our review.

CNET "FIND MUSIC" "How-Tos" "Getting Started With Scour"

"Get started with SongSpy"

What's missing from the world of file sharing? I'm sure your answer is the same as ours: fabulous prizes! SongSpy wants to rectify this oversight by rewarding users who are generous with their files and bandwidth. The program awards Karma Points depending on how many files you share, and the company eventually plans to offer prizes in exchange for Karma Points. This may seem like a good idea now, but those users with large accounts may not be so happy when the RIAA subpoenas SongSpy's Karma lists in the future. (OK, call us pessimists.) After all, the music industry may go after individuals who share music--indeed, it has done so already --and SongSpy might make it easier for the labels to find you. But if you're willing to deal with the short-term risk, follow our simple steps below to get started.

"Get Started With Gnutella"
The open-source file-sharing application known as Gnutella offers a number of features you won't find in Napster. You can search for files of any format, not just MP3 and WMA -- this means movies, software, images, documents, or whatever else you can think of. Also, you can choose what part of the Gnutella network you want to search, based on which machines you hook up to (Napster chooses this for you). But more than that, it offers access to a whole new group of users' directories. To utilize this effective tool, first download and install the software. Then follow the steps below to set up and optimize this file-sharing powerhouse.

AMAZING CNET Guide to Gnutella

"Use Gnotella to search Gnutella"

Gnotella has existed for a while and has been downloaded more than 1 million times from But this new version adds a ton of neat stuff that we haven't seen from other programs, possibly making Gnotella the premiere file-sharing app on the Internet today. Like LimeWire and BearShare, Gnotella is a client that searches the ever-growing Gnutella network, which is an open source effort that many are flocking to in the wake of the recording industry's neutering of Napster. Whether you're looking for music, books, or movies, Gnotella will help you get your fix in style and give you access to a whole new bag of file-sharing tricks. Download it right away.

CNET "Find Music" "Hot-Tos" "How to Use Gnotella Effectively"

Use Gnotella Effectively

Gnutella is a versatile and powerful program, but getting the most out of it requires a bit of finessing. Once you've downloaded and installed Gnutella, learn how to optimize it with the tips below.

CNET "Find Music" "How-Tos" "Use Imesh to Find Files"

"Use iMesh to Find Files"

At the time of this writing, Napster's fate is in the hands of some judges in California, but that doesn't mean that your music-swapping habits have to be. Lots of programs, including iMesh, are waiting in the wings to fill Napster's shoes in case the company is forcibly removed. This alternative file-sharing program features friendly imagery such as green worms and red ladybugs, and lets you search other users' hard drives for more than just music files--there's also video and software to be found. In addition, iMesh features a few fancy tricks (such as file-forwarding via email) that Napster can't do. At the time of this writing, the iMesh network has nowhere near as many users as Napster, and thereby doesn't offer as many files. But all of that could change in the blink of an eye.

CNET "Find Music" "How-Tos" "Use Napster Effectively"

"Use Napster Effectively"

Whether or not the courts find Napster guilty of aiding and abetting copyright infringement, it remains a great source to get all the MP3s you can handle, for free. Of course, finding the exact song you want out of the hundreds of thousands available through the service can be challenging, but not if you know a few key intricacies of the program. Increase your odds of finding that needle in the haystack by glancing through our Napster tips, or try them out while you read the article.

CNET "Find Music" "Net Guides" "Sharing Based Search Tools"

Of all the MP3 search tools out there, the ones below are by far the most glamorous. They're fast, loose, and always in the news--and they're changing the Internet and computing forever with their brilliantly unique architecture. They might also make you guilty of copyright infringement, but we'll leave that for the courts to decide. Until then, here are the MP3 search tools that work by letting you search other peoples' hard drives for MP3s.

CNET "Find Music" "Web Guide" "FTP and Web Searching"

"FTP and Web Searching"
Combing FTP and Web sites is how people used to find MP3s, before more powerful search tools such as Napster took hold. That doesn't mean that the site-combing method has stopped working, especially if you use the tools outlined below. They let you search sites en masse, which is far more efficient then just surfing around on your own, hoping to stumble upon the motherlode. Essentially, these tools give you a fighting chance of finding quality MP3s on FTP and Web sites.

CNET "Find Music" "Net Guide" "NewsGroup Search Tools"

"Newsgroup Search Tools"
Newsgroups were around long before MP3s became as wildly popular as they are today. Although somewhat rudimentary, they continue to provide great communities where people can chat and trade files, including MP3s. Joining newsgroups and exchanging files is fine, but if all you're after is the MP3s themselves, skip the small talk and cut to the chase by using one of these newsgroup search tools.

CNET "Find Music" "Web Guide" "For Linux and Unix"

"For Linux, Unix"
Linux users, accustomed to getting things for free, flock to Napster, which has a similar open-source attitude in giving away music for free. There aren't many MP3 search tools out there for Linux and Unix, but these two programs help Linus Torvalds's faithful flock and Unix power users find MP3s more efficiently.

Unfortunately for Mac users, the vast majority of software in general is coded for Windows, due to the fact that developers can get their product to more people if they concentrate on Windows. But that doesn't mean that Mac users aren't invited to the party too. Check out these MP3 search tools designed with the discerning Mac user in mind.

CNET "Find Music" "Organize Your Music" "Share Entire Albums on Napster with AlbumWrap"

"Share entire albums on Napster with AlbumWrap"

Although the music industry has repeatedly and vocally complained about file-sharing technology, MP3 trading has so far been limited to individual songs. Trying to reconstruct an entire album with Napster and its ilk can be a tiresome task. (The jury is still out on whether Napster has helped or hurt CD sales.) But now music labels may be facing their worst in a series of Napster nightmares. AlbumWrap lets users take a collection of MP3s and bundle them into one long MP3 file. This means that people can now share and download whole albums with ease, although the process requires both commitment and luck on the part of anyone who's lacking a broadband connection. AlbumWrap is simplicity itself, and it's available for Mac and Windows. Plus, it comes with an extractor program that lets you unpack the individual MP3s from the wrapped album.

CNET "FIND MUSIC" "ALL How Tos and Guides", NOV 10 2001

Find Music
Alternative Napster servers
Create and share a Net radio station with Echo
Expand your digital music collection
Find artist information with Listen Seeker
Find music with BearShare
Get started with Audiogalaxy Satellite
Get started with CuteMX
Get started with Friskit
Get started with Gnutella
Get started with Hotline
Get started with KaZaa Media Desktop
Get started with Morpheus
Get started with Napigator
Get started with Napster for the Mac
Get started with SongSpy
Join a music community
Search Gnutella from the Web
Search Gnutella with LimeWire
Share files offshore with Swaptor
Use Bitbop Tuner to find streaming audio
Use Gnotella to search Gnutella
Use Gnutella effectively
Use iMesh to find files
Use Napster effectively

ZDNET Prestons Picks Free Music and More
by Preston Gralla
Page 1
"Getting the Most out of Napster and It's Cousin"

Page 2
Other MP3 Finding Programs

Napster Download Page
Find and download MP3 and WMA files,,0011J9,.html

Napster is a free Internet search tool that lets you search for and download songs in .mp3 and .wma formats. By creating a virtual community of people who want to share their music, Napster ensures a vast collection of audio files for download. (Over half a million files were available at the time of this review.) Napster also eliminates the problems of conventional FTP transferring by using special technology to ensure the completion of each sound file transfer. Other features include advanced search functions, the ability to chat with other Napster users (including an IM function), a built-in audio player, color customization, and playlist and library tools. We haven't been impressed with the results of many other music search and acquire utilities, but Napster blew us away -- nearly every file we wanted downloaded successfully. Note: This is a beta version and could be buggy and/or unstable. The developer welcomes your comments.
Reviewed on May 26 2000.

Napigator v1.13 Download Page
Get up-to-date status of nap servers,,0017CA,.html

Are you having occasional problems connecting to the Napster Network? Napigator is a free utility that allows you to connect to the nap server of your choice. In case you haven't heard of it yet, Napster is a novel Internet search tool that lets you search for and download songs in .mp3 format. Just run Napigator to see a list of available nap servers. Napigator prominently displays port, network, users, files, gigabytes, and ping times for each server, providing the information you need to make a logical selection. Just double-click on your choice to connect the Napster client to the selected server.
Reviewed on Apr 04 2000.

Wrapster v1.0
Share any type of file with Napster,,0018RM,.html

"The Napster Music Community is one of the hottest things on the Internet, but at the time of this review, it's limited to sharing .mp3 and .wma files. Wrapster changes that. This free file-sharing tool lets you archive any type of file(s) into a bogus .mp3 file that shows up on the Napster Network as having a bitrate of 32 kps and a frequency of 32,000 Hz. Even though your file might contain pictures, documents, or movies, Napster is fooled into thinking it's a normal .mp3 file. The special bit rate/frequency lets you easily search for any Wrapster files that may be hiding on Napster servers. After you download the desired file, use Wrapster to unarchive it.
Reviewed on May 31 2000."

Gnutella v.56
Search and download MP3s & other files,,001774,.html

Gnutella is a free program from the folks who created Winamp that lets you find MP3s and other popular types of multimedia files on the systems of other Gnutella users. Then you can download them or stream them. No documentation is included, so it might take you a few minutes to figure it out. Unlike the popular "search and download" tool Napster, Gnutella doesn't have to hook up to a central server in order to communicate with other people running the client and share files. Both the client and server are in the same .exe, and you're free to connect to any of the users running Gnutella. This method, which is similar to way ICQ works, should provide for faster file transfers. Note: This is a beta version and could be buggy and/or unstable.
Reviewed on Apr 03 2000.

Scour Exchange v0.0.0.228
Share audio, video & images on the Web,,0018FR,.html

Scour Exchange (SX) is a free program that lets you share audio, video, and image files with other users of the program through your Internet connection. It's similar to (and as easy to use) as the popular Napster utility, but it supports more types of media. Search for files among the SX community or the Web, with the ability to filter searches by connection speed or media type. Then download what you want. SX can scan your hard drive for multimedia files and separate them into categories. Downloaded files are added to your media library automatically. Add a user to a hotlist for faster access to their files. See online and offline users in the hotlist and view everything they're sharing by clicking on their name, and limit simultaneous downloads and uploads. Note: This is a beta release and could be buggy and/or unstable. The developer welcomes your comments.
Reviewed on May 30 2000.

CuteMX v1.6
Download and share files on the Net,,0016X7,.html

CuteMX (Media eXchange) offers an innovative, powerful way to get the hottest files on the Net. CuteMX users become part of a file sharing community, and can easily find and download multimedia files, graphics, programs and more -- all without the broken links and incomplete downloads that most Internet users have had to deal with. This version has not yet been reviewed.

iMesh v1.02
Find and share files with others,,0013ZI,.html

Mesh is a free Internet search and retrieval program that's intended to help you find audio, video, and image files that may be difficult to access by conventional means. It allows you to enter a keyword and optionally select a file category to launch the search. Rather than scouring the Internet, it searches the computers of other iMesh users, allowing you to get around the difficulties imposed by MP3 download sites, for example. The program features adequate security measures that allow you to specify the folder or folders you'll allow other iMesh users to access. Password protection is also provided. Other features include availability indicators for search results, multithreading, proxy support, and audio support. iMesh is attractive and easy to use, and it provides a whole new avenue for locating those tough-to-find multimedia files.
Reviewed on Nov 27 1999.

Spinfrenzy Xchange v1.65a
Download and share MP3 and movie files,,001403,.html

Spinfrenzy Xchange is a free tool that gives you download access to tens of thousands of MP3s, video clips, pictures, and other media files that are guaranteed to be available from other users' collections and systems. After you download and install this small file, it will download additional components from the Internet and open your Web browser to the Spinfrenzy Xchange main page. There, you can log in (it's free to sign up) and search for your music, video, and picture files to download. The service also offers free Web pages and graphics, plus the ability to share your multimedia files with others through your Internet connection.
Reviewed on Jun 17 2000.

MP3 Grouppie v 04.4
Download MP3 music files,,0012YB,.html

Search for and retrieve MP3 files on newsgroups with MP3 Grouppie. This free program looks for MP3-related newsgroups, retrieves article headers, and lets you know if any MP3 binary files are available. If so, it displays a summary and lets you preview, play, or download each file. MP3 Grouppie is very easy to use and represents a new source of songs to add to your MP3 collection.
Reviewed on Oct 01 1999.

Gnutella v .56
Search and download MP3s & other files,,001774,.html

Gnutella is a free program from the folks who created Winamp that lets you find MP3s and other popular types of multimedia files on the systems of other Gnutella users. Then you can download them or stream them. No documentation is included, so it might take you a few minutes to figure it out. Unlike the popular "search and download" tool Napster, Gnutella doesn't have to hook up to a central server in order to communicate with other people running the client and share files. Both the client and server are in the same .exe, and you're free to connect to any of the users running Gnutella. This method, which is similar to way ICQ works, should provide for faster file transfers. Note: This is a beta version and could be buggy and/or unstable.
Reviewed on Apr 03 2000.

Typical "Talk Back Comment",7832,90424-463648,00.html

Page 3
Now Get the Players

CNET "" "MP3 How Tos and Tips" Dec 16 2000

MusicMatch Jukebox
Scour Exchange

MP3 Hardware Players

MP3 Rippers/Encoders

MusicMatch Jukebox
Scour Exchange

MP3 Hardware Players

MP3 Rippers/Encoders

CNET "" "MP3 How Tos and Tips" Aug 20 2001


MP3 Hardware Players
MusicMatch Jukebox
Scour Exchange

MP3 Rippers/Encoders

CNET and ZDNet have continued to offer live webcast video programs and radio shows that allow the viewers to ask questions for guidance. They may call in, email in or use a chat box, and get live software usage guidance. CNET/ZDNET had numerous editorial articles responding to the "Most Asked Questions from Users" regarding P2P software. The CNET Staff invited users to "Email Directly" with a link to the CNET Staff email address.

The CNET Staff actively monitored user comments on stories and questions asked on forums. CNET's news articles often invited reader commentary which was responded to in later articles. The moderated software product rating feature of CNET and ZDnet's various websites gave the Staff actual or putative knowledge of user conduct and use. This user generated content, which was admittedly moderated by CNET before publication. Cnet reserved the absolute right to refuse publication of user comments. This "User Content" disclosed direct infringement activities and guided others regarding additional infringing uses.

CNET seems to have taken no steps to avoid knowing their software downloader's users’ activities from user supplied commentary content and, in most cases, the CNET staff has replied with guidance. These factors clearly show CNET/CBS Interactive's right and ability to control user content and behavior.

Specific Terms of Use allowed CNET to sanction users, edit supplied user content and reserved the right to refuse publication of user comments and user uploaded software.

Cnet's terms reserved the right to refuse to publish on or distribute uploaded software based on arbitrary and/or subjective standards that provide strong evidence of the CNET's right and ability to control its software upload users.

This is the MP3 Insider Lounge specifically for digital music Downloaders and lovers

The NEXT "CNET MP3 Insider" link below clearly shows a chart at the bottom of the page to describe the icon meanings of various users in the chat. The red circle is for CNET Editor. So you may clearly see that the CNET staff was offering guidance to the software users in the music forum.

CNET and ZDNET had forums that are actually moderated by the hosts of the shows and Cnet staff for years until at least 2010, unless they recently stopped it!

CNET "" MP3 How-Tos and Tips" June 18 2001


During the ongoing Napster legal battle, a method to control copyright infringing activity was added to the file sharing system. This allowed Napster to ban a users account for repeatedly sharing copyrighted works. ZDnet offered a tutorial to get you back onto Napster as though nothing had happened. The banning of specific Napster users was part of a legal remedy to stop the sharing of copyrighted works.

Section 1201 of the Copyright Act, enacted as part of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA"), makes it unlawful to "circumvent" any technology aimed at protecting a copyrighted work. Although, Section 1201 was intended to defeat technologies to circumvent encryption type protection, I argue that it may apply here. A technology WAS applied to protect copyrighted works from continued infringement. ZDnet offered ways to circumvent the technologies. (Also Cnet recommended File Name Changing Software to Prevent Music Names from being recognized and blocked.)

For consideration I must add that under the "Safe Harbor" Provisions of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act:

• The online service provider ("OSP") must (1) adopt, reasonably implement, and notify its users of a policy of terminating the accounts of subscribers who are repeat infringers; and (2) accommodate and not interfere with "standard technical measures" that have been widely adopted on the basis of industry-wide consensus.

I argue that ZDnet offered a method to "Interfere with standard technical measures", to restore full use of the Napster Service to those accounts that had been terminated for being engaged in Copyright Infringing Activities, evidenced in these following screen captures.

CLICK IMAGE to Enlarge , Screen Capture of Article from ZDnet dated September 07, 2000

Here is a link to an Online "TechDirt forum from 2000 discussing the ban with a link to these instructions!

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    Work from home theory is fast gaining popularity because of the freedom and flexibility that comes with it. Since one is not bound by fixed working hours, they can schedule their work at the time when they feel most productive and convenient to them. Women & Men benefit a lot from this concept of work since they can balance their home and work perfectly. People mostly find that in this situation, their productivity is higher and stress levels lower. Those who like isolation and a tranquil work environment also tend to prefer this way of working. Today, with the kind of communication networks available, millions of people worldwide are considering this option.

    Women & Men who want to be independent but cannot afford to leave their responsibilities at home aside will benefit a lot from this concept of work. It makes it easier to maintain a healthy balance between home and work. The family doesn't get neglected and you can get your work done too. You can thus effectively juggle home responsibilities with your career. Working from home is definitely a viable option but it also needs a lot of hard work and discipline. You have to make a time schedule for yourself and stick to it. There will be a time frame of course for any job you take up and you have to fulfill that project within that time frame.

    There are many things that can be done working from home. A few of them is listed below that will give you a general idea about the benefits of this concept.

    This is the most common and highly preferred job that Women & Men like doing. Since in today's competitive world both the parents have to work they need a secure place to leave behind their children who will take care of them and parents can also relax without being worried all the time. In this job you don't require any degree or qualifications. You only have to know how to take care of children. Parents are happy to pay handsome salary and you can also earn a lot without putting too much of an effort.

    For those who have a garden or an open space at your disposal and are also interested in gardening can go for this method of earning money. If given proper time and efforts nursery business can flourish very well and you will earn handsomely. But just as all jobs establishing it will be a bit difficult but the end results are outstanding.

    Freelance can be in different wings. Either you can be a freelance reporter or a freelance photographer. You can also do designing or be in the advertising field doing project on your own. Being independent and working independently will depend on your field of work and the availability of its worth in the market. If you like doing jewellery designing you can do that at home totally independently. You can also work on freelancing as a marketing executive working from home. Wanna know more, email us on and we will send you information on how you can actually work as a marketing freelancer.

    Internet related work
    This is a very vast field and here sky is the limit. All you need is a computer and Internet facility. Whatever field you are into work at home is perfect match in the software field. You can match your time according to your convenience and complete whatever projects you get. To learn more about how to work from home, contact us today on and our team will get you started on some excellent work from home projects.

    Diet food
    Since now a days Women & Men are more conscious of the food that they eat hence they prefer to have homemade low cal food and if you can start supplying low cal food to various offices then it will be a very good source of income and not too much of efforts. You can hire a few ladies who will help you out and this can be a good business.

    Thus think over this concept and go ahead.