Thursday, May 19, 2011

Free Internet TV

Free Internet TV

This will be filled out greatly. Many have wondered why Alki David has brought this action against CBS Interactive.

It is in large part because CBS Interactive was offering over 100 "Watch TV for Free" software downloads for it's CNET division.

I will be posting all of those offering with commentary. Those were offerings that were REVIEWED by CBS Interactive/CNET editors as offering numerous known paid Cable channels.

Please be Patient, and Check ALL these postings often. We are sorting out over 20,000 Screen captures representing thousands of research hours. The history of CNET/CBS Interactive promoting Piracy software is staggering. Over 1,000 different software offerings, Several hundred instances of mentioning copyright infringing uses, often with known copyrighted songs or famous band names. Although some of these pages are ten years old, you must remember that CNET has been distributing LimeWire software since at least February 2001.

We have substantial evidence going right up until the year 2011. Moreover, just since CBS bought CNET, they have distributed over 50,000,000 downloads of LimeWire alone! Over 250,000,000 downloads of LimeWire in Total.
Please, keep in mind as you review this evidence, "What was CNET's Intent?"

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