Thursday, May 19, 2011


Please be Patient, and Check ALL these postings often. We are sorting out over 20,000 Screen captures representing thousands of research hours. The history of CNET/CBS Interactive promoting Piracy software is staggering. Over 1,000 different software offerings, Several hundred instances of mentioning copyright infringing uses, often with known copyrighted songs or famous band names. Although some of these pages are ten years old, you must remember that CNET has been distributing LimeWire software since at least February 2001.

We have substantial evidence going right up until the year 2011. Moreover, just since CBS bought CNET, they have distributed over 50,000,000 downloads of LimeWire alone! Over 250,000,000 downloads of LimeWire in Total.
Please, keep in mind as you review this evidence, "What was CNET's Intent?"


Swaptor Listed under the "Find Music" category, this is the "How to Guide"
Share files offshore with Swaptor
Some file-sharing applications use a decentralized network to avoid the legal troubles that plague Napster. The idea is that with no central server controlling the network, there's nothing to shut down and no one to sue, except for the millions of users. But these programs have had problems with scalability and ease of use, making them unappealing to the masses. Swaptor uses a more brute-force legal approach by locating its servers offshore, where it hopes that the long arm of the RIAA and the U.S. judicial system can't reach. Swaptor uses the Napster protocol, but it lets you search for all file types--not just MP3s and WMAs.

Swaptor CNET Downloads Nov 21 2002 488,359

Swaptor Cnet Downloads Dec 29 2002 496,533 Downloads

Swaptor CNET Downloads March 4 2003 509,044

Swaptor Cnet Cached Page from Cnet Asia, It must have JUST been Removed May 16 2011,39000587,50002328r-39429102s,00.htm+Swaptor+Cnet&cd=4&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=safari&

Swaptor User Reviews and Ratings Removed Screen Cap Taken today, May 16, 2011 Here is the Link to the wiped clean page

I took a Screen shot of the Google Cache showing it Blank on April 17 2011 as well.

Swaptor is Still available for Download on Tech Republic a CNET Site in its original Listing Style No Disclaimer, I Took Screen Shot

The Swaptor Listing was JUST REMOVED from ZDnet Australia, This is where it was, I have a Screen Shot of the Cached Page,

Swaptor Still available on ZDnet Asia May 16 2011 I took a Great Screen Shot.

Swaptor still on PcMag Dutch Edition May 16 2011 ( ZDNET Affiliate) I took a Screen Shot

Swaptor 2.8 Showed up on the "New Windows Software" List as shown by Google Cache on May 7 2011, I took a Screen Cap.

Still Shows 5 down on this link

This is Cache Location

Swapster Still on CNET Downloads Version 2.1 Date Added May 25 2001 Numbers dropped down to 29 total downloads with 1 last week! NOT Cached Page! I took a Good Screen Cap.
(This is NOT Swaptor, but its by the same Company AND no Disclaimer!)

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